Absa Credit Card Interest Rates, Charges, Types & Eligibility

absa credit card interest rates

Absa Bank provides credit cards to its customers according to their needs. Absa credit cards are categorized as Lifestyle, Rewards, Shopping, Travel, and British Airways cards. Each card is designed for a particular group of cardholders based on their spending habits.

If the credit card payment is made on time, no interest is applied; but, if a partial payment is made, a certain interest rate is applied to the outstanding amount each month until the full payment is made.

So today, through this article, we will find out when and how much interest is charged on an Absa credit card. If you also want to know what the Absa credit card interest rate is, then read this guide carefully as an effort has been made to provide you with complete information here.

What is the Absa Credit Card Interest Rate?

Generally, the interest rate charged by Absa Bank can be up to 6.90% per month. However, interest rates are different for each credit card, and for more information, it is best to read your credit card statement or contact an Absa Bank branch; although we have also conducted research to collect this information, which is why we are able to tell you.

How is Absa Credit Card Interest Rate Calculated?

Absa Bank also offers a grace period or interest-free period on credit card payments. Typically, the grace period or interest-free period provided by Absa can be up to 57 days, depending on the type of credit card.

[(Total number of days x transaction amount x 3.35% per month x 12 months) x number of days] ÷ 365 days

Some interest and charges on the ABSA credit card in 2024 are as follows:

Absa Credit Card NameMonthly feeMinimum monthly
income Required
Gold Credit CardR55R4 000
Premium Banking Credit CardR92R25 000
Private Banking Visa Signature Credit CardR185R62 500
Flexi Core Credit CardR44R2 000
Student Credit CardN/AR800
Gold PackageR135R4 000
Premium PackageR229R25 000
British Airways Credit CardR95R8 000

Absa Credit Card Interest-Free Period

Absa Bank provides its credit card users with an interest-free period of 57 days. This period is calculated from the date of the last statement generation to the current due date. During this period, no interest is charged on any purchases. Please note the two most important things related to the Absa Bank credit card interest-free period:

  • The interest-free period is not applicable if you have carried forward your outstanding balance from the previous cycle to the current cycle.
  • The interest-free period does not apply to cash withdrawals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Absa Credit Card Interest Rate Calculated?

The credit card interest rate is calculated by considering multiple things, such as transaction date, total amount due, transaction amount, amount due date, and much more.

What should I do if I lose my credit card?

If you lose your Absa credit card then call the Absa card customer care center to block it. The toll-free numbers are 0800 111 155.

Editorial Note: The information presented in this article is not provided by the Absa Bank. The article has been created for educational purposes and is intended to be helpful for customers of the Bank. It should be emphasized that the content is not endorsed or validated by the Bank, and readers should refer to the official website for accurate and up-to-date information about the bank’s products and services.


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