Universal Branch Codes For Top South African Banks

Universal Branch Codes For Top South African Banks

If you are looking for a convenient way to conduct banking transactions, Universal Branch Codes is a useful tool. South Africa has assigned unique codes to each bank known as Universal Branch Codes, enabling effortless identification and facilitating transactions across various branches. This article will explore Branch Codes for Top South African Banks, their significance, and how to use them.

What are Universal Branch Codes?

Each bank branch in South Africa receives distinctive codes assigned to them. These codes play a crucial role in identifying and processing financial transactions between various banks or branches. Their purpose is to streamline the Internet banking transfer process and guarantee efficient transaction processing.

Why are Universal Branch Codes important?

Their significance lies in simplifying the execution of banking transactions across various banks and branches. They streamline the electronic transfer procedure, guaranteeing the efficient processing of transactions. Utilizing a unique Universal Branch Code enables you to swiftly and effectively money transfer to individuals, irrespective of their affiliated bank, expediting the transaction process.

How do I use a Universal Branch Code?

To use a Branch Code, simply enter the code into the field that asks for the bank or branch code. Once you have entered the UBC, the system will automatically identify the bank and branch you are trying to transfer money to. You can then complete the transaction as you normally would.

When making bank transactions like transferring money between accounts or paying for goods and services, people use a universal branch code. This code guarantees the accurate and secure processing of the transaction and the delivery of money to the intended recipient.

The branch code is usually entered along with the account number of the beneficiary. For example, if you want to transfer money from your account at FNB Bank to your friend’s account at Capitec Bank, you will need to enter your friend’s account number and the universal branch code of Capitec Bank.

Some banks may also require you to enter your code as the sender. This helps to verify your identity and prevent fraud.

List of Universal Branch Codes for South African Banks

List of Universal Branch Codes for South African Banks

Here is a list of Universal Branch Codes for Top South African Banks that you should know:

Bank NameUniversal Branch CodeSwift Code
ABSA Branch Code632005ABSAZAJJ
African Bank Branch Code430000AFRCZAJJ
Bank of Athens Branch Code410506BATHZAJJ
Bidvest Bank Branch Code462005BIDBZAJJ
Capitec Branch Code470010CABLZAJJ
First National Bank / FNB Branch Code250655FIRNZAJJ
Investec Branch Code580105IVESZAJJ
Nedbank Branch Code198765NEDSZAJJ
SA Post Bank Branch Code460005
Standard Bank Branch Code051001SBZAZAJJ
Tyme Bank Branch Code678910CBZAZAJJ
Discovery Bank Branch Code679 000DISCZAJJ
Barclays Bank590000
FirstRand Bank Ltd201419FIRNZAJJ
Old Mutual462 005OMAMZAJC XXX
HSBC Bank587000
Mercantile Bank Limited450105LISAZAJJ
Rand Merchant Bank261251FIRNZAJJ
RMB Private Bank222026RMBSZAJJ
Standard Chartered Bank730020SCBLSG22

How to find a Universal Branch Code

There are several ways to find a Branch Code; you can search for it online, check your bank’s website, or call your bank’s customer service hotline. The easiest way to find a universal branch code is to visit the website of your bank or the bank you want to transfer money. Most banks have a section on their website where you can find their universal branch codes for different branches.

How do I know if I need to use a universal branch code?

You need to use a branch code if you want to transfer money between different bank accounts within the same country or region. You also need to use a code if you want to pay for goods and services using your bank account. You do not need to use a universal branch code if you want to transfer money internationally. In that case, you need to use an IBAN or a SWIFT code instead.


Universal Branch Codes are an important tool for anyone who wants to conduct banking transactions efficiently and conveniently. With a Branch Code, you can transfer money to anyone, regardless of which bank they are with, and the transaction will be processed quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for a Universal Branch Code, you can find it online, on your bank website, or by calling your bank’s customer service hotline.


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