Capitec Bank Branch Code and Swift Code details

Capitec Bank Branch

The Capitec Bank universal branch code 470010, simplifies online and mobile banking transactions by serving as a single code applicable to all branches. This eliminates the need to remember specific branch codes, providing considerable convenience to customers. Additionally, for international transactions, the SWIFT (BIC) code is CABLZAJJ, and the sort code is 470010000 or 198765.

What is the Capitec Bank Universal Branch Code?

Capitec Bank Branch Code

The Capitec Bank universal branch code is a unique code that can be used for online banking or mobile banking in South Africa. The code 470010 is such a code that can be used for transactions in all branches of Capitec Bank, eliminating the need to remember or look up different branch codes, and allowing you to perform secure transactions.

This user-friendly system is becoming increasingly common among banking companies in South Africa, making banking more convenient for customers. With the Capitec Bank Universal Branch Code 470010, you no longer need to search for individual branch codes when making payments or collections online. Instead, you can simplify the process using a single universal code.

I have specifically discussed the timing of Capitec Bank in my previous article, covering when the bank is open, the duration of breaks, etc. If you want to know about Capitec Bank trading hours, please read it once; you will get complete information about the bank’s timings. Thank you.

Capitec SA locations and B-codes

Capitec Bank proudly operates an extensive network of branches throughout South Africa, catering to customers in numerous cities and towns. Let’s explore some of the key locations where you’ll find Capitec Bank branches, complete with their corresponding branch codes:

1. Johannesburg CBD Branch Code: 470010

2. Cape Town Branch Code: 470010

3. Durban Branch Code: 470010

4. Pretoria Branch Code: 470010

5. Bloemfontein Branch Code: 470010

6. Port Elizabeth Branch Code: 470010

7. Nelspruit Branch Code: 470010

8. Polokwane Branch Code: 470010

9. East London Branch Code: 470010

International Payments Information

  • BIC Code (Swift): CABLZAJJ
  • Branch Code: 470 010
  • Sort code: 470010000 or 198765
  • IBAN Capitec Bank account number and 470010 (e.g. 123456789’0470010′)
  • Tel: 0860 10 20 43, 067 418 9565

How to Find Capitec Branch Codes

Finding branch codes is relatively easy, and there are several ways to do it, including:

Find Capitec Branch Codes

1. With the Capitec Bank Website

  • Visit the official website.
  • Tap on “Help” in the main menu at the top of the page.
  • Select “Branches” from the dropdown menu.
  • Search for the branch code by province or city.

2. With Capitec Mobile App

  • Open your Capitec Mobile App on your smartphone. (For Apple, Andriod)
  • Tap on the “More” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “Branch Codes” from the list of options.
  • Search for the branch code by province or city.

Benefits of Capitec Branch Codes for Online Banking Transactions

  1. Ensuring Accuracy: You can ensure the accuracy of your online banking transactions. These codes help prevent any errors or misdirection of funds, ensuring that your money reaches the intended recipient without any complications.
  2. Efficient Fund Transfers: Capitec branch codes enable efficient fund transfers online. You can eliminate delays and minimize the chances of sending funds to the wrong account by including the correct branch code.
  3. Avoiding Additional Charges: Without the correct branch code, your funds may be routed through intermediaries, incurring additional charges. By including the Capitec bank sort code, you can bypass such intermediaries, saving on unnecessary fees.
  4. Seamless International Transactions: For international transactions involving Capitec Bank, the branch code is essential. It helps facilitate smooth communication between banks and ensures that the funds are directed accurately across borders. Read our previously published article on Capitec Bank Contact Details.

All SA Universal Branch Codes

  • ABSA Bank – 632005
  • African Bank – 430000
  • Bank of Athens – 410 506
  • Bidvest Bank – 462005
  • Capitec Bank – 470010
  • First National Bank – 250655
  • Investec – 580105
  • SA Post Bank (Post office) – 460005
  • Standard Bank – 051001

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Capitec bank branch code.

Can I use the same branch code for all transactions?

No, each branch has a unique branch code. It is essential to use the correct branch code for each transaction to ensure accurate fund routing.

What happens if I use the wrong branch code for a transaction?

Using the wrong branch code can result in the funds being directed to the wrong account or experiencing delays in processing. It is crucial to double-check and use the correct branch code.

Is branch codes the same for all branches across the country?

No, each branch of the Bank has its unique branch code, allowing for accurate identification and routing of funds.

What should I do if I am unable to find the branch code I need?

If you are unable to find the branch code through the available methods, contact bank customer service for assistance.

Editorial Note: The information presented in this article is not provided by the Capitec Bank. The article has been created for educational purposes and is intended to be helpful for customers of the Bank. It should be emphasized that the content is not endorsed or validated by the Bank, and readers should refer to the official website for accurate and up-to-date information about the bank’s products and services.


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