How To Reverse Capitec Cash Send

How To Reverse Capitec Cash Send In South Africa

Digital transactions have become very easy and simple these days, making it effortless for anyone to transfer money. In the past, sending money used to take months, but now money can be transferred in seconds or minutes. However, as it has become easier, incidents of fraud have also increased significantly compared to before. One of the leading banks in South Africa, Capitec Bank, offers a service called Cash Send, which allows customers to instantly transfer money to anyone in need.

However, sometimes due to errors or fraudulent activities, there may be a need to reverse Cash Send transactions. To understand the security of your finances and feel safe, it is important to know how to reverse cash-send transactions with Capital Bank. In this article, we will guide you through step-by-step processes, providing useful insights and practical tips to successfully navigate the reversal process.

What do mean by Reverse Capitec Cash Send?

Capitec Bank offers a convenient feature called Capitec Cash Send, which lets customers instantly transfer money to individuals in need, even if they don’t have a bank account. This service comes in handy for sending emergency funds or assisting friends and family members during urgent situations.

Before going into cash reversal with a Capitec bank account, it is important to understand how Capitec Cash Send works. This service enables Capitec customers to send money to any cellphone number, whether the recipient has a Capitec account or not. The recipient receives an SMS with instructions on withdrawing cash from a Capitec ATM without the need for a unique code or a bank card.

When you use Capitec Bank to send cash, you can transfer money to anyone by simply using their cellphone number. The recipient will get an SMS with a unique access code, which they can use to withdraw cash from any Capitec ATM or partner retailer.

Capitec Cash Send makes transferring money easy and safe because you don’t need the recipient’s bank account details. However, it’s important to make sure you have the correct cellphone number for the recipient to avoid any mistakes or delays in processing your transaction.

Reasons for Reversing Capitec Cash Send

There could be several reasons why you might need to reverse a Capitec bank cash transaction. I have mentioned some reasons which you can read:

  1. Sent to the Wrong Recipient: You accidentally entered the wrong cellphone number.
  2. Recipient Unable to Collect: The recipient did not collect the cash, and you want to retrieve it.
  3. Fraudulent Activity: Suspected unauthorized access or fraudulent transaction.
  4. Change of Mind: You decided to cancel the transaction shortly after sending it.
  5. Recipient Unavailability: Sometimes, recipients might not be available to collect cash sent via Cash Send due to changes in plans or technical issues at the collection point.
  6. Duplicate Transactions: If you accidentally send duplicate Cash Send transactions, it can lead to unnecessary charges and confusion. It’s important to reverse duplicate transactions promptly to avoid financial issues and maintain accurate banking records.
  7. Recipient’s Account Closure: If the recipient’s bank account linked to the Cash Send transaction is closed or suspended, reversing the transaction can prevent funds from getting stuck.
  8. Errors in Transaction Amount: Additionally, if there are errors in the transaction amount, reversing the transaction allows you to correct these mistakes and ensure the funds are transferred accurately as intended.

How To Reverse Capitec Cash Send In South Africa

To reverse a Cash Send transaction with Capitec Bank, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Contact Capitec Bank Immediately

Upon realizing the need for a reversal, act promptly. Contact Capitec Bank’s customer service immediately via phone or visit your nearest Capitec branch.

Step 2: Provide Transaction Details

Be ready to provide specific details about the Cash Send transaction, including:

  • Your Capitec account number.
  • Date and time of the transaction.
  • Recipient’s cellphone number.
  • Transaction reference number (if available).

Step 3: Verify Identity

Capitec Bank will verify your identity to ensure security. Prepare to provide personal identification details and answer security questions.

Step 4: Complete the Reversal Request Form

You may need to complete a reversal request form at the branch or via online banking, depending on Capitec’s procedures.

Step 5: Await Confirmation

After submitting your request, Capitec Bank will process the reversal. This typically takes a few business days, depending on the complexity of the transaction.

Benefits of Using Reverse Capitec Cash Send

Benefits of Using Reverse Capitec Cash Send

Using Reverse Capitec Cash Send can offer several benefits, especially when you need to retrieve funds or rectify a transaction. Here are some advantages:

  1. Error Correction: The primary benefit of Reverse Capitec Cash Send is the ability to correct mistakes. If you sent funds to the wrong recipient or entered an incorrect amount, reversing the transaction can help rectify the error promptly.
  2. Reclaim Funds: In cases where the recipient is unresponsive or unable to access the funds, reversing the Cash Send allows you to reclaim the money in your account. This can be crucial if the intended recipient is unreachable or if there was a misunderstanding.
  3. Immediate Action: Capitec’s Reverse Cash Send feature can provide a quick solution when you realize an error. It enables you to take immediate action to recover your funds before any further issues arise.
  4. Saves Time and Effort: Instead of navigating more complex procedures or contacting customer support, using Reverse Cash Send can save you time and effort by directly reversing the transaction yourself through the bank’s platform.
  5. Security: Having control over reversing transactions adds a layer of security to your banking activities. If you suspect any fraudulent activity or unauthorized transfers, this feature can help you take prompt action.

Before using the Reverse Capitec Cash Send feature, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the specific terms, conditions, and any associated fees or limitations that may apply. This ensures you make the most effective use of this functionality when needed. Read our previously published article on how to get bank statements from the Capitec app.

Transaction Reversal Fees and Policies

Capitec Bank may charge a fee for processing Cash Send reversals. The specific fee amount and policies can vary, so it’s essential to inquire about this during the reversal process.

Here’s a summary of potential fees and policies:

Cash Send Reversal FeeVaries (Visit Nearest Branch)
Timeframe for ReversalsTypically within a few days

Tips for Preventing Future Issues

To avoid the hassle of reversing Cash Send transactions in the future:

  • Double-Check Details: Always verify the recipient’s cellphone number before initiating a transaction.
  • Use Secure Channels: Avoid conducting sensitive transactions over unsecured networks.
  • Regularly Monitor Transactions: Keep an eye on your Capitec account for any unauthorized transactions.


Reversing a Capitec Cash Send transaction involves prompt action and adherence to Capitec Bank’s procedures. By following the outlined steps and being proactive, you can navigate this process effectively. Remember to prioritize security and accuracy in all your financial transactions.

To reverse a Cash Send transaction with Capitec Bank, take prompt action and pay attention to detail by following specific procedures. If you’ve made a mistake or suspect fraud, use this guide to navigate the reversal process effectively. First, contact Capitec Bank right away. Give them accurate transaction details and follow up as necessary. This ensures your funds’ security and resolves any transaction issues or errors efficiently.

Also, stay alert to fraud by monitoring your account activity regularly. Seek help promptly if needed to protect your financial information and prevent unauthorized transactions.

Need Further Assistance?

If you encounter challenges during the reversal process or have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Capitec Bank customer service for personalized guidance.

Editorial Note: The information presented in this article is not provided by the Capitec Bank. The article has been created for educational purposes and is intended to be helpful for customers of the Bank. It should be emphasized that the content is not endorsed or validated by the Bank, and readers should refer to the official website for accurate and up-to-date information about the bank’s products and services.


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