FNB Banking App: Install, Register, And Features

This article will cover everything you need about the FNB Banking App, including its features, benefits, and how to install and use it.

  • The FNB Banking App offers convenient and secure mobile banking services for First National Bank customers.
  • Easy installation and registration process through the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Features include simple navigation, secure transactions, payments, fund transfers, transaction history, prepaid services, eWallet, managing credit cards, and more.

How to Install & Register FNB Banking App

FNB Banking App
Source: Google Play Store

You can download the FNB App from the Play Store or Apple App Store. Once you have downloaded the app, you can register for online banking and start using the app. Here are the steps for accessing the app and installing it:

Step 1: First, Download and install the FNB Banking App.

Step 2: After installing, open your FNB App and allow “FNB” to access your location Tap on always allow.

Step 3: Scroll down, select the South African flag at the bottom right of the screen, and select the Namibian flag.

Step 4: Press on the “Setup my banking app” icon.

Step 5: Select “I have online banking

Step 6: Enter your FNB online banking username and press continue.

Step 7: Enter your ATM Debit/Credit card number and PIN.

Step 8: Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 9: Accept the Ts & Cs and press continue.

Step 10: You have successfully registered on the Fnb banking App; Press login on the bottom left screen.

Step 11: Enter your online banking password and tap on login.

Features of the FNB Banking App

The Banking App has features that make banking convenient, easy, and secure. Here are some of the key features of the app:

✅Simple Navigation
✅Safe and Secure Banking The app uses various security features such as biometric login, device recognition, and OTP verification to ensure your transactions are secure and protected.
✅Make payment

Check Account Balance
✅Transfer funds
View transaction history and check account balance
✅Prepaid Electricity and Airtime
✅Manage your eBucks account, FNB Cards
Locate FNB ATMs and branches on a map
✅Make geo payments

FNB Mobile Banking App Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install and register for the FNB Banking App?

Download from the app store, open, select Namibia, set up using online banking details, and complete the registration steps.

Does FNB have a mobile app?

Quickly check account transactions and balances, manage your FNB debit cards, deposit checks, transfer money, pay bills, and locate a convenient FNB branch or ATM.

What are the key features of the FNB Banking App?

The app offers secure biometric login, fund transfers, payment capabilities, account management, prepaid services, and location-based features like finding ATMs and making geo payments.

Editorial Note: The information presented in this article is not provided by FNB Bank. I’ve crafted this article to aid Bank customers in an educational capacity. It’s important to note that the Bank does not endorse or validate the content. For precise and current information about the bank’s products and services, readers should consult the official website.


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