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Routing Number

To make an International Payment from your Nedbank saving account to another bank account, you will need to Nedbank Routing Number.

The Routing Number is the “Nine-Digit Number” printed on the bottom left corner of each checkbook. Your specific account number usually contains 10 to 12 digits the second set of numbers printed on the bottom of your checks. The number which is furthest to the right is the check number.

Money transfer from Nedbank to another bank recruitment

Bank NameNedbank
Account Number
Swift codeNEDSZAJJ
Nedbank Universal Branch Code198765
Nedbank Routing Number198765
Phone0800 555 111

When facing any problems with the bank or for any clarifications, please contact the Nedbank contact details provided below.

  • Call the Nedbank Contact Centre on 0800 555 111
  • Call the MFC Contact Centre on 084 196 4473
  • You can also connect with Twitter.

How To Find Your Routing and Account Numbers

You can find your account and routing numbers at the bottom left side of paper checks issued from your checking account. Alternatively, you can often find the routing number when you log into an online banking portal.

Because your financial institution’s routing number isn’t unique to your account, you may be able to simply find it online. Just make sure the website you use is the one owned by your bank.


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