FNB Credit Card fees and charges 2024: Full list of payments to know before using FNB Card

Full List of FNB Card Fees and Charges in 2024: There are many fees and charges that you should know before applying for an FNB credit card.

Applying for an FNB credit card, or FNB Card, is much simpler these days. Most people apply for the FNB Card because of several benefits. However, there are many fees and charges that you should know before applying for an FNB credit card. As per the rules, the FNB Card is required to communicate details related to fees and charges to the customer when they apply for the card.

FNB Aspire credit card fees

  1. Credit facility service fees R17.00
  2. Initiation fees (once-off) R175.00
  3. Monthly service fee R25.00
  4. Additional service fee R17.50

FNB Premier credit card fees

  • A monthly service fee of R82.00
  • Initiation fee R175.00
  • Credit card facility service fee R17

FNB Private Clients Credit Card

  1. Monthly service fee R150. 00
  2. Initiation fee R175.00
  3. Credit card facility service fee R17.00

FNB Private Wealth Credit Card

  • Monthly fees R278.00
  • Initiation fee R175.00
  • Credit facility service fee R17.00

FNB Petro Card

  1. Monthly fees R61
  2. Additional card fees of R20
  3. Fuel transaction fee R6.25

(Disclaimer: The above content is for information purposes only based on the details available on the FNB website. Please read all card details before applying).

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