How to Register for FNB Cellphone Banking

FNB Cellphone Banking

FNB (First National Bank) offers a variety of banking account services, including mobile banking through their FNB Cellphone Banking platform. Cellphone banking is a convenient way for FNB customers to access their accounts and perform various banking transactions using their mobile phones.

How to Register for FNB Cellphone Banking

Registering for FNB phone banking is both simple and free of charge. You have multiple convenient options to sign up for First National Bank (FNB) cellphone banking in South Africa. You can complete your registration at any FNB ATM, or FNB branch, via FNB Online Banking, by visiting, or by dialing the FNB cellphone banking number (*120*321#).

FNB Cellphone Banking Registration With Mobile Number

To register for cellphone banking with FNB, simply dial *120*321# or call 087 575 9405, and accept the terms and conditions. This easy process grants you access to all the fantastic banking features of full cellphone banking with FNB. Let’s walk through how to register using the cellphone banking number or code.

FNB Cellphone Banking

Step 1: Dial *120*321# or *130*321#
Step 2: Select “More Features
Step 3: Select “Continue
Step 4: Enter your ATM card details with the pin
Step 5: Enter a 5-digit cellphone banking pin
Step 6: Re-enter your cellphone banking PIN to confirm

How to Register for FNB Cellphone Banking on

Step 1: Navigate to the official website on your phone
Step 2: Tap on “Login to FNB Banking
Step 3: Select “Register Now
Step 4: Enter your “Mobile Number and ID Number” and then tap “Next”
Step 5: You will receive an activation link via SMS
Step 6: Select the activation link to proceed
Step 7: Select card type
Step 8: Enter the last 4 digits of your card number
Step 9: Enter your ATM Card PIN and Select “Next”
Step 10: Enter a 5-digit cellphone banking PIN
Step 11: Re-enter your cellphone banking PIN and Select “Next”

The registration is completed and on your screen, you will see a message like this “Congratulations! You have been successfully registered for cellphone banking from FNB“.

Note: You can also register cellphone banking with FNB ATM, Visit your nearest FNB bank ATM and activate your mobile banking easily.


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