African Bank Contact Details: How to Contact African Bank Customer Service by Phone Or, Mail

African Bank Branch

For account-related queries or issues, African Bank provides a 24-hour call center. Contact them for assistance with account balances, lost cards, online banking, and more.

The African Bank was founded in 1975 and has its headquarters in Midrand, South Africa. This Bank is one of the largest banks in South Africa, providing a range of financial services to individuals, businesses, and corporations. With millions of customers, African Bank has 24-hour Customer Support to assist customers with their queries and issues related to their accounts.

African Bank 24hr Customer Support Number

The bank has several channels of communication open to its customers. To report fraud, call the bank on 0800 633 633 or fax them at 0864 944 107, 0861 111 011, 011 207 4500.

Query TypeContact numberEmail address
Savings and investments0860 494
Insurance applications0860 000
Credit life queries0861 888
Debt Counseling011 256
Lost or stolen cards0861 000 555/+27 11 256 9988/0861 000 444
Collections011 207 4500
Funeral cover service0860 000
Funeral claims0860 000
Reward redemption011 676
Loan applications0860 33 004
Loan queries0861 111 011

Contact African Bank Customer Service Via Social Media Channels

These platforms are great in that you can get your questions answered quickly. Another good thing is that you retain a record of the chat that you carried out with African Bank. Check our previously published article Is African Bank Open Today?

Why need the African Bank Contact Details?

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You might need to contact the African Bank Customer Support for various reasons, such as:

How can I contact African Bank Customer Service?

To reach African Bank Customer Service, call the 24-hour helpline at 0861 111 011 or use specific numbers for services like fraud reporting or insurance queries. Social media platforms are also available for quick assistance.

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