South African VAT Calculator

Calculator for excluding or removing 15% South African VAT.

Add or extract VAT: Calculate the net amount without VAT in a few keystrokes.

Just type the gross value and press enter button to see the VAT percentage.

How to calculate VAT

To calculate SA VAT (Value Added Tax), you can use the following formula:

VAT Amount = Original Amount * (VAT Rate / 100)

Amount Excluding VAT = Original Amount – VAT Amount


  • “Original Amount” is the total amount including VAT (the base price plus VAT).
  • “VAT Rate” is the percentage of VAT applied to the original amount.
  • “VAT Amount” is the actual tax amount charged.
  • “Amount Excluding VAT” is the original amount minus the VAT amount, which gives you the base price before VAT was applied.

For example, let’s say you have an original amount of R1000 with a VAT rate of 15%:

VAT Amount = 1000 * (15 / 100) = R150 Amount Excluding VAT = 1000 – 150 = R850

So, in this example, the VAT amount is R150, and the amount excluding VAT is R850.

Keep in mind that VAT rates can vary from country to country, and some items or services might have different VAT rates or be exempt from VAT altogether. Always make sure to use the correct VAT rate applicable to your specific case.

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